Aloha from Honolulu: First Impressions!

Every seven years, Bill is expected to leave his university and go somewhere else to do research (which will bring fame and glory to SDSU in addition to re-invigorating his teaching).  It’s sabbatical time again!  And Bill is at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii-Manoa!  We will be in Honolulu through the end of April.

First Impressions

Hot.  The average temperature is in the mid to upper 80’sF and gets down to 70F at night.  The other night it got down to 66F at night and the TV weatherman advised folks to pull out their blankets…

Rainy. It sprinkles at least once a day.  And then we have enjoyed real rainshowers for 3-4 days once a week.  Despite the volume of water falling from the sky, the ground is not all all saturated and there are very few puddles during the rain and none at all when it stops.

Humid. All this rain which makes for very lush vegetation also makes the air extremely humid.  About 90% most days.  My hair has discovered ringlets it never knew about and both of us begin to sweat at 8am.  We don’t have A/C in our apartment.  It makes life interesting.

Here is a quick look at our neighborhood, known as Manoa. We are up the hill from Honolulu proper.  The Kuhina Nui, Ka’ahumanu had a palace in this area.  President Obama went to high school just down the hill where Manoa Road becomes Punahou Road.  At the upper end of Manoa Road is Paradise State Park, Manoa Falls and the Lyon Arboretum.

An amazing tree on our corner
A plumeria in our neighborhood
The Manoa Mountains as seen from the campus path behind Noelani Elementary School
Upper Manoa Road, one of three main roads in our neighborhood.
The Manoa Mountains
Manoa Road, the other end
The mist rolls down the mountains.
The mist rolls down the mountains.

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